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A Request

Over here
The time stops
In the wide corner from the cosmos,
The time stops
In domains that infinite
From doorsteps of shooting stars,
The time stops
The time stops.
The demonstrations follow in succession
From all sides
From all people
those who were born and died,
Those who were born
and are still alive,
And those who will be born,
Carrying candles
That spurt vermillion blood,
And the signs they tore
From the blue clearness of the Iraqi sky
Written on
Hasn't Iraq's ground had enough blood poured on?




The Lady of the Sea

Alone they cross the holiness of the seasons
When the pick of the sun breaks the neck of the fog.
The dawn will mount the hump of the mountain
Between them mumbles the gleam irrationally.
O you the sea
Your eyes are two beads of a mercury
And your smell is sticky

Rubbing your thighs by the ebb and flow.
Follows the seasons
Do major
With all its fragrance
You motion in my ears
Then I flow
Allays are like revival before the dryness.

It’s the hour of the delivers
You hum for the crossing
For I dance my body
By shaking hands
And two crutches
Till the birds peep in the morning


 Written and Translated by: Said Alwaely

 Date: 06 / 23 / 2005





















A Mug of Water

A Mug of Water

Nude and slender
The dawn opens its eyes,
In-between its eyelids
A polar twilight,
A tremble...
The sky's arms.
Like the morning star,
A rhythm ...
On the flow of pains,
Vapor of the head
Loosens its ambush ...
The things are servile
Like the far away horizon…
Like a blue drop of circumference
In the dark corner
Its light: the stars.
Come and go
Heavy blindness
Pervades the circumference,
And the dawn
Possessor of white hair
Emits his intestine's crowds
And gnaws the aim.
Dome Blue eyes
From depth of the maze…
Eyelashes covered by branches,
Created Like the haze of canyons
And hide the secret.
An eternal desert
Golden cinctures
Dances in-between ear and ear
Its gray tail
The depth of circumference.
The summit of the patch slides
Like a surreal pole
And in a gelatinous cave
An earthy progeny lime
Like the tropic snakes Inhaling the fire.
And then for the vapor be
From coronation of a lie like a coronet!
But the truth
Like the air which we inhale,
Mug of a water Achromatic,
And smell.
I hear the gulf under the rocks,
To sheathe my soul
In the veins of my bones,
I watch it slide
As a fish In the neck of a bird.

Written and Translated by: Said Alwaely

Said Al-Waely first poetry book in Arabic.

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