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A Request

Over here
The time stops
In the wide corner from the cosmos,
The time stops
In domains that infinite
From doorsteps of shooting stars,
The time stops
The time stops.
The demonstrations follow in succession
From all sides
From all people
those who were born and died,
Those who were born
and are still alive,
And those who will be born,
Carrying candles
That spurt vermillion blood,
And the signs they tore
From the blue clearness of the Iraqi sky
Written on
Hasn't Iraq's ground had enough blood poured on?




Written: Wahaib Nadeem Wahba
Translated : Said Alwaely
Date: 06 / 01 / 2007


In Front of the World Doors

To the poet and the translator : Said Alwaely

This world opens : Doors for the outlander,
A door to enter and not leave…
And a door to not enter…
Comes to you,
Drills in cellars of memory,
Causes for sadness,
A reason to deport you,
and a reason to live in you,
As you are on top of forgetfulness.
* * *

The wild land flowers
Fall deep in the heart…
The world is desolate and dismal without you…
Without your descending in the heart as a white night,
In dark time,
Perhaps you are a city,
Perhaps you a homeland,
For this,
People are born for love,
And people for anger.

* * *


I don't come out of the self of myself, and you don't dismount…
And the homeland wasn't born on papers,
And the clouds won't spread,
And the rain won't fall on the earth.
* * *

I extend roots in the depths of the world,
No… no…
Can't find you,
I climb,
The history stairs,
The past time dust,
Can't find you,
I climb,
To the top of the mountains,
The forts,
The citadel – and the cupreous horizon,
I disappear – dissolve –
in the maps of territories and countries,
I became a point revolving around the wishing star and
the universe,
I search the cosmic orbit for human being.
* * *

The cupreous horizon supports me,
This old divergent,
Regards at this armed dissident, from trench of the battle …
How to build the civilization of death,
Upon the civilization of life.

* * *

I watch from this high horizon
The human civilization…
But the woodchopper in depth of the valley,
Pounced on the tree's neck,
And I fell like firewood for the fire's crematory,
I fall with it…dismount…
The falling rain without invitation...
The landing angles in the outsider's night,
And the poor of the world,
Bare foot between the prickles,
On a stormy night.
* * *


I dismount or I climb the top of Mount Sinai,
The nausea comes to me,
I don't burble O my dignified old man,
O my mountain and the mountain of prophets
Where are your commandments?
Where do I find in this time my time,
The human.

* * *
I return to you careworn,
The cold increased, the fear, the killing,
Take me, fly me far,
Overflow as far as a vulture…
Flies… and flies…
Higher… and higher…
In the wide space,
And bends his head in between wings
And full of feeling,
Flies… and flies…
Higher… and higher…
In the wide space.

Translated : Said Alwaely


امام ابواب هذا العالم

إلى الشاعر والمترجم - سعيد الوائلي

يفتح هذا العالم : أبواباً للغربة ،
باباً تدخل منه ولا تخرج ..
وباباً لا تدخل منه ، يأتي إليكَ ..
يحفر في سراديب الذاكرة ،
أسباباً للحزن ، سبباً ينفيكَ ، وسبباً يحيى فيكَ ،
وأنتَ في قمة النسيان .
* * *
تسقط أزهار البرية بعيداً في القلب ..
موحش العالم ومقفر دونكِ ..
دون نزولكِ في القلب كليلة بيضاء،
في زمن معتم , ربما أنتِ مدينة ،
ربما أنتِ وطن ،
لهذا تولد شعوباً للعشق ، وشعوب للغضب .
* * *
لا أخرج من ذات ذاتي ، ولا تنزلين ..
ولا يولد فوق الأوراق الوطن ،
ولا ينتشر الغيم ،
ولا يسقط فوق الأرض المطر ..
* * *
امتد جذور في أعماق العالم ، لا .. لا .. أجدكِ
اصعد ، مدا رج التاريخ ،
غبار الزمن الغابر ، لا .. لا أجدكِ
اصعد أعالي الجبال – القلاع – الحصون – والأفق النحاسي ،
أتلاشى – أذوب – في خرائط أقاليم البلدان ،
اصبح نقطة تدور حول فلك الرغبة والتكوين ،
ابحث في الفلك الكوني عن الإنسان .
* * *
يقف الأفق النحاسي معي ،
هذا المتباعد الهرم ،
يرنو لهذا الخارج المسلح ، من خندق المعركة ..
كيف يبني حضارة الموت ، فوق حضارة الحياة .
* * *
أنظر من هذا الأفق الشاهق حضارة الإنسان ..
لكن الحطاب القابع في عمق الوادي ،
هوى على عنق الشجرة ،
وسقطت حطباً لمحرقة النار
اسقط معها .. انزل ..
نزول المطر الساقط بلا ميعاد ..
نزول الملائكة ، في ليل الغرباء ،
وفقراء العالم حفاة بين الأشواك ،
في ليلة ريحاً
* * *
انزل أو اصعد قمة جبل الطور ،
يأتيني الغثيان ،
لا أهذي يا شيخي الوقور ، يا جبلي وجبل الأنبياء
أين وصاياكَ ؟؟
أين أجد في هذا الزمن زمني ، الإنسان .
* * *
وأعود إليكِ مهموماً ،
اشتد البرد ، الخوف ، القتل ،
خذيني ، طيري بي بعيداً ، حلقي كالنسر عالياً ..
يطير .. ويطير .. يعلو .. ويعلو ..
في الفضاء الرحب المدى ،
ويحني الرأس بين الجوانح وملء الجوارح ،
يطير .. ويطير .. يعلو .. ويعلو ..
في الفضاء الرحب المدى ..


Written: Wahaib Nadeem Wahba

*  وهيب نديم وهبة : شاعر وكاتب مسرحي فلسطيني
*  الكتب الصادرة ( 18 كتاباً ) بالعربية ومترجم إلى لغات عالمية
* خريج المعهد العالي للعلوم التطبيقية وحاصل اللقب الجامعي الأول في " علم التربية "
*  الكتاب الأخير " الجنة " الذي نال جائزة ناجي نعمان اللبنانية عام 2006

Wahaib Nadeem Wahba is a Palestinian poet and play writer. He has published 18 books in Arabic and translated to many languages. He graduated with a high degree in Science. He also has a bachelor degree in life skills. The last book published        " The Paradise" won the Najy Nuiman prize of Lebanon in 2006. 




A Mug of Water

A Mug of Water

Nude and slender
The dawn opens its eyes,
In-between its eyelids
A polar twilight,
A tremble...
The sky's arms.
Like the morning star,
A rhythm ...
On the flow of pains,
Vapor of the head
Loosens its ambush ...
The things are servile
Like the far away horizon…
Like a blue drop of circumference
In the dark corner
Its light: the stars.
Come and go
Heavy blindness
Pervades the circumference,
And the dawn
Possessor of white hair
Emits his intestine's crowds
And gnaws the aim.
Dome Blue eyes
From depth of the maze…
Eyelashes covered by branches,
Created Like the haze of canyons
And hide the secret.
An eternal desert
Golden cinctures
Dances in-between ear and ear
Its gray tail
The depth of circumference.
The summit of the patch slides
Like a surreal pole
And in a gelatinous cave
An earthy progeny lime
Like the tropic snakes Inhaling the fire.
And then for the vapor be
From coronation of a lie like a coronet!
But the truth
Like the air which we inhale,
Mug of a water Achromatic,
And smell.
I hear the gulf under the rocks,
To sheathe my soul
In the veins of my bones,
I watch it slide
As a fish In the neck of a bird.

Written and Translated by: Said Alwaely

Said Al-Waely first poetry book in Arabic.

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